Tuesday, October 11, 2011

8 Foods That Can Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

This is a recent article that I thought was impressive.

8 Foods That Can Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

This says that sulforaphane is a compound in broccoli-- one of the 8 foods. It is actually a phytochemical like lycopene in tomatoes, resveratrol in grapes or curcumin in tumeric. Phytochemicals are chemicals, compounds or substances in plant that help the health of the body. There are thousands of them. A group of doctors at Johns Hopkins found that broccoli sprouts had a lot more sulforaphane than broccoli.

But the amounts varied greatly. So they bred broccoli sprouts to be extra high in sulforaphane and patented them. They are sold in the supermarket under the name of Brocco broccoli sprouts.

The first one on the list is actually 2-- plums and peaches. They have the antioxidant levels of blueberries. Actually all the berries are bery very good at preventing and fighting cancer. Plums and peaches seem very similar to berries compared to other fruits like a banana or an  orange.

Here is my article on Great Foods that Fight Cancer for you to compare. They are very effective against breast cancer. It also has the source of where the infromation comes from.

There are no good food sources of vitamin D so if you cannot get enough from the sun, you need to take vitamin D supplements. See all the great news about breast cancer and vitamin D on this article Vitamin D and Breast Cancer.