Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Foods That Are Great for Hair

The strange and funny thing about these foods that give you gorgous hair is that they are foods that I really love. Some are talked about below and here is the link to the article about them

The Best Foods for Gorgeous Hair

As far as the kale, if you put some tahini (sesame seed butter) on it, it tastes great just like that. Chick peas are the only beans that I love cold. Strawberries are red like the heart and has 4 chambers like the heart. It is  very healthy for the heart. Many people besides me love strawberries. If you combine chickpeas or garbanzo beans, you get hummus.

I do not eat meat anymore but I did like chicken. As far as peanuts, I do not like them if they are shelled. So I buy them unshelled and do the work to shell each one before I eat it. They do taste much better that way. The same with walnuts.

I also love lentils. I eat them cooked with brown rice and also sprout them and eat them raw.