Friday, July 15, 2011

6 Yoga Poses for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are mental health issues. But yoga has been designed to heal both mind and body. Here is a Huffington Post article about this. It is mostly pictures with a description underneath it. The most ancient scriptures known to the world are from India and they talk about yoga. It is a rapidly growing practice in America.

Gwyneth Paltrow is in Vanity Fair Magazine topless after having 2 children. She says that she looks so good because of diet and yoga. I believe that she is a vegan.

There is also an article about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doing yoga to stay in good condition. There are many articles about her husband, Bill Clinton, being a vegan. Their daughter, Chelsea, has been a vegetarian for many years.
6 Yoga Poses for Depression and Anxiety
The names of the various asanas or poses are in themselves indications of the purpose they are supposed to fulfill: warrior pose for confidence and strength, wind-releasing pose for stomach problems and so on.